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Who We Are!

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Who We Are!

Integrity Contact’s mission is to partner with organizations to improve end goal numbers through better communication with their target audiences. Whether these end goals are sales, enrollments, conference attendance, registrations or other processes, we customize a Contact Strategy to help you reach these goals. The benefit of using Integrity Contact is its consistent, persistent and effective contact with your consumer.

Why do you need Integrity Contact? Integrity Contact provides a service that enables your organization to use its in-house experts more efficiently and effectively.

How do we do this? We collaborate with our partners to identify the greatest needs and develop the best Contact Strategy to meet those needs. We constantly measure, analyze and improve to ensure we’re always delivering the best value to our partners.


Some of our services:


   Targeted Calling – We develop a customized call strategy to address your greatest challenges and optimize real conversations with your audience. Our strategies improve retention rates, re-engagement of the consumer, and gather valuable data through survey and touch base calls.


   Triggered Emails – We can design a custom process to determine when an email should be sent during a campaign. Integrity Contact uses a proprietary automated system to generate and trigger custom messages, and quickly routing responses directly to designated team members (on your team or ours) for efficient follow-up.


   Chat – Integrity Contact has the technical and staffing resources to deliver chat functionality to your organization. Chat allows current or future customers to obtain information quickly and from a live person in real-time. Chat provides a personal touch that improves matriculation rates. Chat is a unique and advanced service that has been shown through statistics to significantly improve customer satisfaction.


Integrity Contact will prove to be a vital part of the development and advancement of your business. We are a partner you can trust.

To learn more, please email us at info@integritycontact.com or call us at 480-440-0601.