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Live Chat: Increase your students’ satisfaction

Consumers who use live chat for service and support, talk it up as one of the most satisfying support channels available today. Stats from a recent Zendesk Customer Service Benchmark report show live chat out in front in terms of customer satisfaction levels with 92% of consumers saying they were happy with their live chat experience. In comparison, voice came in at 88% and email had a 85% satisfaction rate.

Customers are gravitating more towards live chat as their preferred channel. Organizations who use live chat move customer requests away from web forms and feedback tabs to real-time chat, where questions can be answered directly in the web or mobile experience.

Jason Maynard, senior manager of data and analytics at Zendesk

Using CHAT as a contact channel has been shown to have the highest customer satisfaction rates.  Yet many institutions are missing out on the opportunity to improve student satisfaction because of perceived technical or staffing limitations.  Integrity Contact provides the solution by integrating seamlessly with your team to deliver a quality CHAT service to your students.  By adding CHAT to your current website you will achieve the following:

  • Real-time convenience for your prospective or current students – visitors to your website will have their questions answered quickly while continuing to browse.
  • Cost effectiveness – Integrity Contact can handle multiple chat sessions at once, allowing your enrollment team to stay focused on serving their current student load.  Partnering with Integrity Contact is both cost effective and efficient.
  • Direct questions to an expert – using a custom knowledge base created by collaborating with your team, Integrity Contact will answer all first and second level questions, as well as ensure your institution’s qualifications have been met.  As potential students show interest with more detailed questions, Integrity Contact is able to seamlessly transfer the chat to a team member best suited to meet their needs.  Therefore, resources at the institution are spent on the qualified and most interested prospective students.
  • “Stand – Out” Service – giving your website the “human touch” of chat will help you reach the 92% satisfaction rate mentioned above.  With the peace of mind of knowing Integrity Contact is staffing these chat sessions, we set a goal to reach beyond the 92% satisfaction rate for your current and prospective students.
  • Analytics – use the feedback and data collected from chat sessions to improve your services. Integrity Contact will partner with your team to link chat data back to you in an effective and useful manner.  Data collection is vital for the continuous improvement your website and your enrollment process.

The real question is this:  Can you afford to not have CHAT as part of your contact strategy?  Integrity Contact is the solution to bringing this technology to you, and to your current and prospective students, allowing your team to be more effective and efficient with your resources.

Learn more about how Integrity Contact can help you increase your students’ satisfaction. Email us at info@integritycontact.com