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Student Retention

Technology can be a double edged sword. While Online and distance learning models have evolved dramatically over the past decade, so too have the distractions associated with a “constantly connected” society. In today’s world, it is more difficult than ever to keep students engaged and focused and on track to graduate.

How is your institution handling such challenges? Is your retention rate suffering? Integrity Contact has the expertise, tools and services to aid in overcoming student retention challenges. By working closely with your enrollment and retention teams, we identify and address opportunities for improved communication to keep your students engaged, focused and on track for graduation.

Services we offer:

  • Survey Calling – we conduct survey calling with current and former students to gain insights into their experiences. We use this data to provide valuable feedback to the institution and improve your students’ experience.
  • At-Risk Calling – we reach out to students who have been identified as at risk.  Our goal is to connect these students with their support team member.  Linking them back to your experts will help keep them in course and improve their experience.
  • Touch Base Calling – we reach out to students in their first and second courses to obtain vital feedback.  These calls are valuable in serving two purposes:
    1. Demonstrating to students that they are important to your institution even after their enrollment.
    2. Collecting feedback regarding enrollment and classes – to be used to improve both processes.


By partnering with Integrity Contact to define an overall Retention Strategy that includes Survey Calling, At-Risk Calling and Touch Base Calling, your institution taps into our deep expertise in Contact Strategy for educational institution. By leveraging our resources to initiate contact, collect data and triage any issues, you keep your valuable experts focused on the deeper tasks that truly demand their skills.

In short, a partnership with Integrity Contact allows you to use your resources more efficiently while improving the overall student experience through better communication. Integrity Contact can help!

To learn more about our Student Retention Strategy, please email us at info@integritycontact.com or call us at 480-440-0601.