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Speed to Lead!

We’ve all heard the idiom “Strike while the iron is hot!”, but it’s an eye-opener to see just how true that statement rings for educational institutions managing inquiries from prospective students.

Each minute you wait to make the first call can greatly reduce your chances of ever enrolling the prospect.

Finding from Enrollment Optimization Study performed by Velocify, an industry-leading call center platform

As shown in a study conducted by Velocify – an industry-leading call center software platform – using a data set of over 3.5 million inquiries spanning 400 organizations, response time does in fact play a critical role in converting inquiries into admissions. In fact, they found that “the simple act of placing a phone call to a new prospect within a minute of inquiry generation can increase your likelihood of conversion by nearly 400%”. Each minute of delay in contacting an inquiry dramatically reduces the probability of converting them into a student – to the point where the 400% increased likelihood of conversion drops to a mere 17% after only a 24 hour delay.

Does your institution have the staffing, technical resources, and expertise to contact your inquiries within a minute of of receiving a request for information? If not, your contact strategy is less than optimal, and your organization is missing out on enrollments.

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